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The Real Money Pro

Jan 10, 2020

Goldman Sachs reported on a “Recession Proof Economy.” Financial expert Brian Wiley hosts Jeremiah Bates to talk about market forecasts, unexpected events, and disconnected despair. Is war good for our economy? How does anything that’s happened in the news recently affect you? If you have a plan, it doesn’t.


Jan 10, 2020

Financial expert Brian Wiley discusses McClatchy and Dean Foods case studies. What should you do to save for retirement when your company is filing for bankruptcy? What questions should you be asking your retirement and investment advisor?

Education is important, especially when it comes to retirement. Do your homework...

Jan 10, 2020

Financial expert Brian Wiley hosts guest speaker Jeremiah Bates on the show to talk about how much young people should be saving for retirement. Should you use a target number? The answer lies in your goals!

Make your situation the most efficient for where you are right now. This starts with coming up with a plan. Once...